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Introducing a new type of experience on holiday

Let us help you discover what pure relaxation looks like. We are one of the top rated hotels over the entire West Virginia – welcome to our home.


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Discover the rooms, prices, amenities and facilities on site.

Have some fun

We have been certified by every major travel institution in the USA due to the numerous opportunities and amenities offered on site – we are more than just a hotel. We are a home away from home.

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A whole resort willing to give you access to all kinds of activities on site.

Set in a beautiful environment and surrounded by nature.

Not less than six different restaurants on site – something for everyone.

Looking for entertainment? We have our own water park and much more.

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There are more reasons wherefore we have been rated the best hotel in West Virginia. We take everything seriously and we provide the highest level of professionalism in the area.

  • Highly trained personnel – from customer service to first aid
  • Lots of amenities to have fun
  • Opportunities to go on trips and explore the surroundings

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This is definitely the most professional hotel that I have ever visited. Everything is perfect – food, tranquil, room amenities, opportunities on site, trips and so on.


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A new experience for your taste buds

With six different restaurants on site, there is nothing to be concerned about. You have Thai, Chinese, South American, Italian, French and European. Obviously, you will find lots of general options as well. We also provide vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. We can accommodate your needs regardless of what you need – just let us know.

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